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Onsite Balancing

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The intelligent way to onsite balancing
simple – fast – accurate

The statistics are indisputable: Over 50% of all faults and failures of machines and systems can be attributed directly or indirectly to unbalances in rotors. The team at Braithwaite Electrical help to identify an unbalance simply and accurately, and to correct it with the minimum effort. This ensures the reliability of your machines and systems, and increases your competitiveness. Rotors of almost any size and weight can be balanced quickly, cost effectively and accurately in the installed condition, and therefore without having to dismantle the machine. Thanks to the comprehensive diagnosis capabilities, the SmartBalancer keeps Braithwaite Electrical up-to-date with the vibration condition of your machines – and therefore keeps your business running.

The SmartBalancer is a portable measuring device for field balancing. Its complete operating philosophy is based on the current CAB measuring units, and offers the same precision and convenience. Meaning that with the help of this unit, Braithwaite Electrical’s technicians can have your machine balanced and running smooth in next to no time and with high accuracy.

A mobile field balancing machine with highly experienced technicians in control.

So if your unsure if your fan, rotor, hammer mill, etc. can be balanced in situe? Get in touch and the team will have a solution for you.