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Dynamic Balancing

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With a wide range of dynamic balancing services available, Braithwaite Electrical will have the right solution for you.

Nearly anything that rotates and is supported by bearings can and should be balanced. A unbalanced machine can cause premature bearing failure, fatigue to the structure and even damage foundations. This all leads to very costly & unnecessary repairs. To save time and money of both labour and parts. It is necessary to balance you rotating equipment. From the smallest rotors, gas turbines and electric motor rotors & armatures to large power generating turbines, hummer mills, impellers and fans. The capabilities of Braithwaite Electrical will have you covered.

Key reasons for balancing you equipment
  • To reduce vibration, wear and tear on parts.
  • To ensure efficient operation of any machine and the lowest possible mechanical resistance of moving parts.
  • To increase reliability and cost effective operation of machinery.

The dynamic balancing services available can go from a light weight 10mm shaft up to rotors 2 meters long ,1.5 meters in diameter and weighing up to 700kg.
Precision balancing of small and light rotors can be particularly challenging due to fine tolerances and higher service speeds. These units can be balanced  to better then G1 grade quality. However the general practice is to balance to G2.5 grade standard. Witch is the world ISO 1940-1:2003 standard for electric motors.

Braithwaite Electrical offer dynamic balancing services for nearly every application.
  • Pump impellers
  • Fans
  • Electric Motors
  • Hammer mills
  • Tree mulching rotors
  • Fans
  • Pump Impellers
  • Extremely light rotors
  • High tolerance or quality requirements
  • Small lots with frequently changing rotor specifications
  • Medium to large production lots
  • Large rotors and impellers

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