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Laser Shaft & Coupling Alignment

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Braithwaite electrical’s laser shaft and coupling alignment service provides efficient & precise shaft and coupling alignment. To all industries in QLD and northern NSW. Available for call out and service 24/7.

Misalignment of shafts and pulleys is the most common cause of equipment breakdown. Causing premature seal and bearing failure, this leading to increased maintenance and machine down time. Costing you big $$$.

Why you should opt for precise
laser shaft and coupling alignment?

Save time & money
Quick and precise component installation
No premature coupling element replacement
Smooth balanced operation
Improved energy consumption
Extended life of bearings and seals
Reduced risk of breakdown
Less maintenance

Braithwaite Electrical’s laser alignment services

24/7 Onsite laser shaft & coupling alignment
Experienced technicians
Save time & money
Only precision precut stainless shims used
Full PDF report

Typical shaft and coupling alignment service applications

Motors to pumps
Motors to gearboxes
Air conditioning equipment
Conveyor drives
Fan drives
High speed direct drives
Driven mechanical loads
Large mobile machinery
Marine drive shafts

What’s more?

Braithwaite Electrical provides a professional service for sheave and pulley alignment
Reduced pulley, belt and seal wear
Reduced level of vibration
Increased efficiency

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