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Electric Motor Cooling Fans

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As well as being able to supply electric motor cooling fans for most electric motor brands there is a more efficient way to keep your motors cooled. With a range of fans that have a boss that can be turned out to suit any shaft. Check out a full range of custom fans available in the online store. With conventional ‘standard’ replacement fans the bore dimensions rarely match those of the motor spindle ends. It is also often impractical to alter the fan bore dimensions due to the difficulties involved in holding the fan in a lathe plus it is a costly operation to turn the motor spindle to a suitable dimension to obtain a proper fit. This results in repair shops having to carry large fan stocks which take up valuable storage space and involve capital outlay. The custom range of fans are manufactured with a single, large diameter bore and supplied with appropriate bushes to suit machining / turning out on a lathe. Problems from expansion are eliminated as both fans and bushes are manufactured from the same material providing complete compatibility. A feature of this unique bushing system is the three lips inside the fan bore positioned above and below to ensure a strong, permanent fit from both sides. If it is necessary to lock the bush to the motor shaft this is also possible as the fan can be fitted afterwards.


The range of polypropylene fans, designed for electric motors frames IEC71 – IEC180. They are an invaluable development for custom replacements and manufacturers of small batches.


To cover the widest range of applications, fans are manufactured as flat as possible making them suitable for motors of differing manufacture. For even greater flexibility one size of bush is suitable for two fan types. The special mixture of easily machinable polypropylene used in manufacture provides a smooth finish. The fan boss is machinable to suit shaft size desired. Braithwaite Electrical can do this for you or if you have the facilities you can do it your self. It is general practice to make the bush approximately 0.4mm smaller than shaft size this allowing a nice & strong hit fit on to the shaft. If a key-way is required the fan boss can also be slotted to suit.