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Electric Motor Repairs

Electric motor solutions Brisbane

Complete rotating assembly repair

Beyond electric motor rewinding Braithwaite Electrical’s team is highly skilled in fitting. With their vast knowledge and superior service equipment make any task straight forward and on point. So when it comes to electric motor servicing & repairs you get it all from pumps, crane hoist motors right though to complete gearbox rebuilds, no mechanical task is to challenging.


You have the option of a basic stator clean & bake and bearings change to the fully opted A class overhaul. This including everything you could expected and more- cleaned and painted inside & out parts, stator clean and dip varnished, balanced rotating assembly, stator surge tested for full verification, new bearings, new seals & gaskets, test run and painted to look like new again. To go along with all that is a fully detailed report outlining the stator condition, rotor balancing result, test results and photographed procedure to show the extent of the rebuild. These types of A class overhauls are often required for crucial equipment and compliance 10 year servicing for tower cranes and alike.


Only top quality parts and bearings are used. The preferred bearing of trust is FAG however if you are faithful to a particular brand just say the word and your bearing of choice will be sourced.


The equipment to help the team achieve only good things for you include:

  • large baking oven for baking stators and curing parts
  • 60 tonne press
  • 150 deg c steam parts cleaner
  • sand blasting cabinet
  • bearing heater and bearing applicator kit for safe bearing installation every time
  • small & large lathe for machining repair to damaged bearing housings, seatings & shafts
  • dynamic balancing unit to get your equipment is running smooth
  • state of the art surge testing unit for testing stators and giving you full detailed analysis report of the electrical components
  • testing facility to test run each and every job at the end of repair
  • and more…

Whats more? Around the clock breakdown service is available to keep production lines and industry moving, saving you valuable time and money.

Contact Braithwaite Electrical for supiour quality & quickest turn around. To get you back up and the way you need.